Earlier I pondered the rarity of worm drive extruders. Upon reflection I can see that at least one reason would be the twisting imposed on the filament by the worm, but this filament-twisting could be eliminated by simply putting a gear driven by the worm between worm and filament. Another experiment joins the queue.

It’s all relative

I realise I threw around one particular gear ratio without any explanation. It is usually considered important to maximise the potential life of 3D-printed gears. If (for example) one tooth happens to be misshapen, then it will apply slightly different pressure to each tooth that it meshes with than will the other teeth on that same […]

So it begins

Many people choose New Year’s Day to make resolutions; I’m going to get in early by starting this exercise in extraversion today. One of my motivations is to put down in writing (etc.) the assorted project ideas running around inside my head. Foremost right now is my “build a better RepRap” project, so I’ll dive […]